Author: Julius Miajim; Editor: Norman Wong; Published Date: 16th November 2023

Since 2019, Sapulut has established the Sapulut Social Forestry Consultative Committee (“SSFCC”), initially to connect one village, and now expanded its reach to 31 villages within the FMU 14 area. Through the meeting, the participants’ desires, aspirations, and perceptions are assessed in the preparation of our Forest Management Plan (FMP). This facilitates better understanding, enabling the stakeholders to be informed and participate in the process.

The SSFCC meeting for 2023 was held on 9 November 2023 at Balai Kebudayaan, Kg. Sinsingon. It was organized in collaboration with Tibow Forestry Office, Wildlife Department of Keningau, and Lands and Survey Department of Nabawan.

All the leaders of the 31 villages participated in the meeting, as well as the Ketua Anak Negeri (Native Chief), Wakil Ketua Anak Negeri (Deputy Native Chief), Village Heads, JPKK, youth and women representatives.

The involvements of the government agencies and the local communities are crucial to the successful implementation of sustainable forest management at Sapulut. All parties in the meeting agreed to work together to achieve mutual understanding and deal with issues affecting the communities.

Firstly, the meeting is to deliver mitigation measures identified by the recent social impact assessment study of the communities in Sapulut. Secondly, to promote our scope of work such as silviculture practices, inventory, mapping, planting, employment opportunities and potential collaboration projects for the future. Thirdly, the Wildlife Department shared the importance of the communities’ role in wildlife protection in forest reserves.

Over the years, we observed significant improvement in the community relations, with mutual respect and understanding.  We undertake “free, informed, prior consent” practices, social monitoring, conflict handling, and various community development programs. It aligns with our core values of “respecting ourselves, fellow man and nature”, and “it takes a team to win”.


“The initiative to hold this meeting between the community, the government agencies and the company will further strengthen the relationships between SFSDB and the communities.  It will lead to a better understanding of SFDSB’s objectives and role as a sustainable forestry company.”

Raunis Kandoi (Community Representative from Kg. Inalung Pampalang)

“Thanks to SFDSB’s efforts to assemble all related parties, including government agencies, for the community to openly express their issues and suggestions relating to the conflicts between Kampungs and FMU 14, to seek amicable solution for all parties.”

– Louis Palanok (Native Court, Sapulut)

“Communities live in harmony with the environment, and they will defend the richness of natural heritage entrusted to them for the future. Protect our future and make a difference by spreading information to others.”

– Clifford James (Keningau Wildlife Department)

“Social communication, engagement and monitoring based on social impact assessment results and mitigation measures, will be carried out continuously in all 31 villages surrounding Sapulut.”

– Julius M. Miajim (SFDSB)

“Sustainable forest management as practiced by Sapulut, emphasizes the benefits and opportunities to the local community, and at the same time respectful of their interests.”

– Teddy Sius @ Lawrencius (FMU Executive Manager/SFDSB)