Sapulut Forest Map

Sapulut contributes to Sabah’s timber supply by harvesting optimum numbers of trees from its certified 52,552 ha of Natural forests (NFM) and 21,970 ha of Industrial tree planting (ITP) forest using sustainable methods.

Sapulut Forest Map

Industrial Tree Plantation Management

The Industrial Tree Planting (ITP) covers 21,970 ha of areas in Sapulut.

At ITP areas, Sapulut has innovated its BASIL system where trees are replanted along strip lines after harvesting and buffer lines are subject to silvicultural treatment.

Meticulous planning is always executed before harvesting operations so that timber stocks are accurately estimated, monitored, and controlled to avoid unwanted over exploitation.

Sapulut achieves this by working closely together with the Tibow Forestry Department and conducting census or land surveys using GIS and mapping technology to enhance planning and management of the forest.

Natural Forest Management

Natural Forest Management has a total production area of 52,552 ha.

In its NFM forests, trees are harvested precisely using the Reduced Impact Logging (RIL) techniques and procedures which significantly reduces damage to the residual tree stock, soil and water quality compared to conventional logging, according to the Sabah Forestry Department.*

This is because only a number of trees of specific diameters (DBH), height and species are selected to be harvested using felling methods that cause significantly less disturbance to the rest of the forest.


No. Production Gross Area (Ha) Management Regimes
(a) Conservation Area 2,091 Conservation
(b) NFM West 7,957 Full RIL
(c) NFM East 9,905 Full RIL
(d) NFM Central 34,690 Conventional RIL