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Sapulut Forest Development Sdn Bhd is a sustainable forestry company located in the State of Sabah, Malaysia. For many decades, Sabah’s rain forest was logged extensively for its valuable timber. Although such uncontrolled practice has ceased, its effect is still felt today. Many once forested regions are so badly degraded that they are lost forever. As a responsible forestry company, we hope to reverse the damage.


What Makes Us Different

Core Values

Sapulut encourages its entire staff to personify its 8 Core Values that serve as guidance to optimize their performance throughout fulfilling their duties according to Sapulut’s ideal work ethics.

Lean Six Sigma Programme

Sapulut has embarked on a Lean Six Sigma Programme since early 2019. The main objectives of the programme are to develop continuous improvement of culture and to eliminate wastes in our operational processes. We believe this programme can improve our mindset as we continue to do the small things which will make big differences.

Sapulut is committed to continue this programme. We believe that it will not only improve our teamwork and overall performance, but we can be a better version of ourselves.

Data Driven

Sapulut is not far behind the latest technological advances as we accompany our GIS application with Drone technology to capture more brilliant data, allowing improved forest management planning and monitoring.



The Covid-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented public health emergency that swept the globe. Businesses, operations and lifestyles in Malaysia as well as many other countries have drastically changed and are struggling to adapt to the new normal, starting with the imposed strict Movement Control Order (MCO) as a public health control measure.

In the Special Edition Newsletter published on April 30, we would like to share how it has affected us and what are the steps planned by us to get our company ready for post MCO and the new normal.

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Social Sustainability

Sapulut has actively engaged with local communities as they are one of our valuable stakeholders. We include them in the Forestry operation through direct employment and conducting various community programs such as goodwill visit, promoting local handicrafts, offering scholarships, charitable contributions, protecting water sources of villages and awareness talk. The programs have a direct impact on the social and economic well being of the local communities.


What We Are Up To

As part of the environment community,
we’re always learning, innovating, and sharing information.

Intern’s Experience in Sapulut

Between 10th February 2020 to 31st August 2020, we welcomed two students from UMS, Izatul Farhana binti Awg Asroyle and Raycel Lee for an internship in Sapulut. They are from ...
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Sapulut achieves MTCS Certification

Sapulut was officially certified on 3rd July 2020 for Forest Management Certification (Forest Plantation.v2) under the Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme (MTCS) by SIRIM QAS International ...
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CLT Discussion with the Fire Department

On 3rd September 2020, our architect and structural engineer, Neil Mashor and John Lai respectively, met with the Fire Department (Jabatan Bomba Sabah) to discuss the Department’s rules and regulations for the construction ...
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Forever Sabah’s Padi Land Revival Project

Sapulut has contributed 4 bundles of sawn timber to Forever Sabah. Forever Sabah is conducting a project to revive the old paddy lands in Kg ...
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Demo Plot with BFC Guidance

Timber plantation plays a significant role to produce raw timber material. Choosing a fast-growing species can create a higher yield in the shortest time compared ...
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Lean Six Sigma Training and Coaching

We believe great result begins with a culture of excellence within the workforce. Sapulut organized the second phase of an internal training programme, starting with ...
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