COVID-19 Pandemic

Sapulut’s Management during the COVID-19 Movement Control Order (MCO)

2020 to curb Covid-19, Sapulut has taken preventive measures in response for the safety and health of employees, contractors and the surrounding communities.

A SOP for Forest Operation was developed by Jeffrey Tendahal (Head of Department – Occupational Safety and Health) and team. The team members are Teddy Sius @ Lawrencius, Johnson Joseph and Mary Christine Martin. The SOP consist safety and health on a personal level, as well as workspace, communal space, and private accommodation levels. The SOP covers access control, formation of a Covid-19 Committee, quarantine measures for those returning to work post – MCO, and logistic hospitality of those repeating abnormal body temperature.

Action was also taken by our Community Forestry team, headed by Jeffica Jaihon and supported by Lyevivialyne Sopital, to put up posters developed by OSH team, at the local community level to communicate with them on the spreading of Covid-19, and what the local community can do to stop Covid-19 from entering their community.

For more information, please refer our SOP for Forest Operation and Posters.

Sapulut wishes everyone “Stay Safe and Stay Healthy”