Social Responsibility

Managing Resources Sustainably

Sapulut has actively engaged with local communities as they are one of our valuable stakeholders. We include them in the Forestry operation through direct employment and conducting various community programs such as goodwill visit, promoting local handicrafts, offering scholarships, charitable contributions, protecting water sources of villages and awareness talk. The programs have a direct impact on the social and economic well being of the local communities.

Besides, we care about our employees because they are the backbone of Sapulut. We are committed to provide appropriate support for training, better facilities, a safe working condition and equal opportunities of employment to individuals to enable them to achieve their full potential.


Social Sustainability

Sapulut also cares and prioritizes in managing resources sustainably through minimizing impact on environment. Sapulut is fully committed in making every effort through the implementation of various initiatives to instill the importance of respect to the environment by reducing environmental risks wherever possible.