Author: Teddy Sius @ Lawrencius; Published Date: 23rd March 2022

Sapulut was chosen as one of the FMUs to be audited by the Jabatan Audit Negara (JAN) Sabah branch, led by Tuan Suzlan and team together with the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) of Sabah and accompanied by the various department from the Sabah Forestry Department. Held from 7th to 10th March, the audit’s primary goal was to assess and ensure the compliance of SFMLA implementation and its impact on the environment on the ground.

Sapulut receives encouraging feedback from JAN by recognizing the reasonable efforts taken by Sapulut to achieve the best. JAN gave feedback as what the entourage had observed on the ground. Not to stay complacent from the recognition, there is room for improvement.

The above recognition for Sapulut does not come from “a one-man show” effort but through teamwork from everyone in Sapulut, including the ground team. It reflects our Core Values, i.e. It Takes a Team to Win.

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