Author: Joruni Ambus; Published Date: 10th May 2024

Cultivating plants from seedlings to flourishing greenery demands an environment conducive to growth, meticulous attention, and forward-thinking strategies. Aligned with our steadfast dedication to excellence and sustainability, we are pleased to announce the expansion and enhancement of our nursery facilities. This significant initiative marks a pivotal juncture in our ongoing commitment to fostering robust plant development and environmental stewardship.

Expansions and Upgrades

The augmentation of our nursery infrastructure is propelled by our vision to meet the escalating demands of our Industrial Tree Plantation (ITP) spanning 1,000 hectares and nurturing one million seedlings within the current fiscal year, all while optimizing operational efficiency. To this end, we have made strategic investments in additional benching and irrigation infrastructure, effectively bolstering our production capacity. This expansion ensures a steady supply to fulfil our month-to-month seedling requirements, totalling 100,000 high-quality seedlings for transplantation in our ITP area. 

Concurrently, we have embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of our nursery infrastructure. This includes the integration of state-of-the-art irrigation systems, the construction of a shade house, and the imminent establishment of a mini greenhouse dedicated to the germination of White Laran and Red Laran, alongside a designated mother plant bedding area for Eucalyptus Pellita. Automated watering mechanisms will be deployed to optimize growing conditions and safeguard the health of our plant stock. These enhancements not only bolster productivity within the nursery phase but also fortify our operational capabilities on the ground. Thus, the realization of this expansion and upgrade initiative is contingent upon the unwavering support of our Research and Development (R&D) and plantation teams. 


The expansion and modernization of our nursery yield a myriad of advantages for both our organization and the environment. Key benefits include: 

  1. A substantial increase in nursery capacity accommodates an additional 48,354 thousand Laran seedlings and nearly one million Eucalyptus Pellita seedlings. 
  2. Enhanced efficiency in seedling management processes. 
  3. Implementation of systematic irrigation protocols tailored to the specific growth stages of seedlings, thereby optimizing growth timelines. 
  4. Mitigation of hardening issues and streamlining seedling distribution for transplantation. 
  5. Production of robust, resilient plants better equipped to withstand the vagaries of tropical weather conditions. 
  6. Integration of Lean Six Sigma Training methodologies to minimize wastage and streamline operations within the nursery. 


Notwithstanding our commitment to this endeavour, we confront notable challenges. Escalating prices of construction materials presents a formidable hurdle, necessitating potential adjustments to project components to maintain fiscal prudence. Moreover, the inherent unpredictability of tropical weather patterns poses risks of delays and disruptions to project timelines, potentially compromising workmanship quality and jeopardizing on-site safety protocols. Nonetheless, we are resolute in our determination to ensure the timely and successful completion of this project. 


In embarking on this ambitious journey of expansion and enhancement, we remain unwavering in our allegiance to our corporate ethos of “bringing back natural forests”. Armed with augmented capacity and upgraded facilities, we stand ready to meet the burgeoning demands of our Industrial Tree Plantation while upholding the highest standards of quality and environmental stewardship. We extend an invitation to join us in fostering growth, nurturing nature, and collectively shaping a more sustainable tomorrow through the expansion and modernization of our nursery facilities.