Between 10th February 2020 to 31st August 2020, we welcomed two students from UMS, Izatul Farhana binti Awg Asroyle and Raycel Lee for an internship in Sapulut. They are from the Faculty of Science & Natural Resources, majoring in HG19 Course (International Tropical Forestry). Their internship coincided with the MCO, and despite that limitations, they showed great enthusiasm to learn about FMUs operation. 

Izatul Farhana Binti Awg Asroyle – “I was given the opportunity to interact with diverse people. This was good as we can build our connection for our future job prospects as well as trigger our personal development to be more respectful and think maturely. With the challenges in Sapulut, was outside my comfort zone. But through the encouragement, support, guidance and trust, I succeeded in overcoming them and improved my self-confidence.

I humbly suggest Sapulut need to look up a few developed plantation companies as role models. Then, start to emulate and instil their advanced work techniques. Hence, SFDSB can become more productive, effective and efficient. Do not hesitate to invest and focus more on the development of R&D units.”

Raycel Lee – “I was really excited to be part of Sapulut’s team. It was fun and great experiences with the teams, and we get to learn and try many new things. I was really thankful that all the staff was nice and openly shared their knowledge. MCO had interrupted our internship period which limited our learning from Sapulut. I wished our internship could be longer.”

We thank them for their time with Sapulut and wish them well for their future endeavours. 

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